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About the Aliens

The Reticulan Greys are from the Zeta Reticuli system, and are not to be confused with the Orion Greys from Orions Belt as they are different orders of beings. The Zetas are believed to be part humanoid, and the orion's are believed to be part reptilian. They both act in a hive mentality and are basically servants to their master hive mind. These Zeta's claim to come from the future and some believe they are trying to figure out how their evolution went from human to grey, as greys are built with difficulty in eating, breathing, and reproducing. This could be why some claim to be abducted and experimented on. Much is still unknown about the Greys.

The Psychic Mantis is an elusive order of beings, said to be highly advanced socially and physically, they have telepathic abilities and can travel in between dimensions. Their origin is unknown, and they same to be benevolent to the cause of the earth humans independent existence.

The Draconian Reptilians are living in the Alpha Draconis star system, although they claim to be native to earth, this is where their animosity for earth humans comes from. They originated in underground cave systems on earth, and later left the planet and inhabited Alpha Draconis. They can shape shift and are technologically advanced. It is said that they control the hive-mind of the Grey aliens, and neither have friendly intentions for earth humans.